Want to help out the Endangered Southern Resident Orca Population?
Avoid buying any kind of Atlantic Salmon. It’s best to avoid seafood as a whole, honestly.
Use cleaning products that are biodegradable; those harsh chemicals find their way into the ocean food chains and end up in Orcas!
Vote for politicians and measures that promote salmon conservation. The southern Resident Orcas are really struggling because salmon is their main food source, and we keep taking it from them!
 Make sure your car doesn’t leak fluids that end up in waterways. 
Donate to an organization that is working to save wild Orcas! (The Whale Museum is a good choice)
Use as little plastic as possible. This benefits not only Orcas, but all marine life. Use stainless steel water bottles, reusable shopping bags, recycle plastics that you do use, etc.
 Educate others about the perils wild Orcas face, especially the southern Resident population, and teach them how to combat these dangers!